Franchise USA, Inc

It’s easy to spend months investigating franchises and still find nothing that matches what you really want in a business. That’s where we can help. Get the information you need to separate the wheat from the chaff. Gain an insider’s perspective. Compare competing franchise concepts and identify promising new business opportunities.


Because all franchises are neither created equal nor perfect for everyone, utilizing the free advice and guidance of an expert in the field can help save you valuable time, effort and money.

The process we follow is similar to working with a realtor when buying a home. We will work closely with you to assess your goals and help you identify the franchises that best fit what you’re looking for in a business.

Our free franchise consultation process involves four important steps:

  1. Franchise Information Gathering
    Our franchise experts will gather information about you, including your experience, and your goals and desires for franchise ownership.
  2. Franchise Consultation Process
    We will schedule a confidential consultation to identify the attributes you feel are important and provides a simple tool to determine your match based on your business characteristics.
  3. Franchise Selection
    Next, we provide the tools and experience to guide you during the investigation process as you seek to find a compatible franchise opportunity.
  4. Franchise Research and Diligence
    Now you just need a process to investigate individual franchise opportunities and determine if they fit perfectly into your plans.

There is never any obligation or cost to you for our franchise consulting services, or for the information about franchise opportunities we provide . We are paid fees by the franchise companies, who respect the processes we follow and who recognize the high quality and fit of the prospective franchise owners we refer to them. You pay exactly the same franchise fees with any franchise business, whether you work with Franchise USA or not.

Franchise USA is able to provide a win-win scenario for you, as the franchisee candidate, and for the franchisors. You accelerate the franchise discovery process and can concentrate on those that have been pre-screened as high quality franchise businesses matching your requirements.

Franchise companies enjoy working with us because we only refer candidates who are qualified and well-informed regarding the business requirements.