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Savvy Bride Boutique is a market leading bridal brand, and our success has come from the premise that although we are a bridal franchise, we strategically identify as a sourcing and supply chain company. We take advantage of economies of scale through purchasing, and have streamlined our backend to be efficient and cost-effective. As a result, we can capitalize on a 4-5x markup on the majority of our stock, compared to the industry standard of 2.2-2.5x.

Our boutique is fun, modern, and laid-back. We forgo the traditional stuffy environment and rather provide our Brides an inviting space where they can feel comfortable with their entourage. We offer several upgraded packages for different experience levels, which increases both our close ratio and total ticket price.

In addition to negotiating direct with Designers for territory and perks, we procure and offer styles exclusive to Savvy Bride locations. This not only differentiates us in the marketplace, but allows us to achieve a profit margin of 85%+.

We serve thousands of Brides every year, and have quickly solidified our reputation as having the best dresses at the best price. This, in tandem with our internal process-focused structure leads Savvy Bride to top tier profitability and a consistent focus on bottom-line efficiencies.

The wedding attire industry is a $26B+ industry, with almost 2M weddings taking place in the US every year. The Savvy Bride model is proven to be successful, and we are ready for expansion to capitalize on other territories. Our process-focused business allows for quick onboarding and long-term support to our entire franchise network.

Savvy BrideSavvy Bride
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