NexGenEsis Healthcare

NexGenEsis Healthcare

Services Provided:
Patients at our physician-supervised clinics have access, when clinically appropriate, to treatments including platelet-rich plasma, alpha 2 macroglobulin, and bone marrow aspirate injections derived from their own body, to enhance and speed the body’s natural healing ability. When clinically appropriate, patients also have access to non-invasive neuropathy treatments designed to improve blood flow to the affected area and repair and re-educate the nerves, with the goal of reducing symptoms of neuropathy as well as halting and possibly reversing its progression. At certain locations, health care professionals also offer treatment for hair loss and erectile dysfunction.

Our Support

Franchise Training
Business management
Security issues and credit related matters
Business management and profitability planning
Expert industry knowledge
Professional sales and marketing

Operational Assistance
High quality, branded products
Marketing tactics and communication protocols to help franchisees establish local relationships of trust
Staff and Capacity planning techniques to maximize profitability
Quality control and audit oversight to minimize risk
Technical Assistance
Comprehensive business solutions training and setup to minimize any learning curve
Continuous system level support
Financial System training and support

Advertising & Marketing
This is where we excel! We believe that marketing is the single most important component of any business, and in today's technology age social proof is the most important kind of marketing. We help franchisees:
Grand opening and ongoing marketing & advertising guidance
Stay top-of-mind without being one of "those" companies in customer's feed
Have a blast while doing it!

In addition to the knowledge base on how to engage, we bring the tools necessary to execute.

Marketing Collateral – professionally designed, expertly targeted, inventoried online for customization and easy implementation.

Advertising Fund – Working with national advertising agencies, we implement national and regional programs that help build our brand, while promoting benefits for local franchises.

Multiple Profit Centers
Of course, full-service grooming is our bread and butter. We maximize profitability.

NexGenEsis HealthcareNexGenEsis Healthcare
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