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Fulton Grace Realty

Fulton Grace Realty has a dynamic and proven approach to residential real estate and property management. Our model is modern and fresh; focusing on delivering customer-service oriented and relationship-based sales, rentals and property management services. Our vision is to inspire growth, achieve shared success, create boundless opportunities and approach every situation with personalized support.

With low startup costs, minimal staffing and modest square footage requirements, thorough franchisee training and a standout cloud-based tech platform, Fulton Grace Realty is a uniquely appealing franchise opportunity.

The different areas of residential real estate (sales, rentals and property management) are correlative; therefore, optimizing situational flexibility and opportunity. Offering all of these services not only allows for a long-term relationship with clients (and corresponding income), it also ensures that Fulton Grace can operate in any real estate market. For example:

an investor might need help purchasing a property, followed by leasing out the units and resulting in long term property management of the same units.
A tenant needs assistance renting a property and then a year later, needs help buying their first home.
A property owner decides to list their property for sale and if the market isn't conducive to selling, they decide to have their property professionally managed instead

Real estate is an essential service industry. People need to live somewhere, whether it’s renting or owning. Real estate relationships are established and nurtured through thorough training and powerful technology including proprietary lead management and our robust CRM. A core part of what Fulton Grace Realty offers is the development of these tools to ensure each franchisee maximizes each relationship and opportunity.

Fulton Grace has grown exponentially since being established in 2009. One of the key elements of this growth is a vibrant and 'stand out' marketing approach. We have a deep passion and appreciation for all aspects of Marketing and employ it at all levels of the business. As such, our franchisees are provided with premium marketing collateral and strategies to both launch and grow a franchise operation.

The leadership team at Fulton Grace are both industry veterans and passionate entrepreneurs. They know how to start and grow a business and have built a model that is replicable and scalable. They are a franchise company built by entrepreneurs. One of several company values is 'We make it happen'. They have made it happen in Chicago and are here today to make it happen for their franchisees in their markets.

Fulton Grace RealtyFulton Grace Realty
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