Franchise Resales

A “franchise resale” is the sale of an existing franchise business. Depending on the owner’s circumstances, resales can happen after a few or many years of ownership. Some common reasons include retirement, divorce, illness, relocation, entrepreneurial burnout, undercapitalization, and the business not being a good fit for the franchisee’s skills, interests, or goals. 

Advantages of buying an established franchise business

Buying a franchise resale offers several compelling advantages for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a faster path to success.

  • An established revenue stream
  • An existing local customer base
  • A location with leasehold improvements, inventory, supplies, and staff in place
  • A verifiable business history that can make it easier to obtain financing
  • Built-in brand awareness
  • Proven operating standards and systems
  • Ongoing support from an experienced franchisor
  • Validation by other franchisees
  • An instant peer-to-peer relationship with other franchisees
  • Helpful training and operational materials
  • Assistance with regional and national marketing
  • Economy of scale savings due to the franchisor’s purchasing power
  • A defined territory that can help limit competition

Skip the startup grind and capitalize on an existing customer base of loyal patrons. Leverage a proven operational system with readily available training materials, ensuring smooth execution from day one. Transparent financial records clearly show the business’s profitability, giving you confidence in your investment.

Ready to unlock the potential of a franchise resale? Start exploring opportunities today and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.