Fancy Art,*N.F.P.


Franchise Fee: $21,500
Royalty: 7%
Total Investment: $101,000 – $203,700
Founded: 1995
Can Be Home Based: No
VetFran Member: Yes
SBA Approved: No

Framed art in every home and office, a seven-billion dollar/year industry, yet most people have never done custom framing . Today, we live in an image conscious society; we dress for success and we want our homes to be warm and inviting. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the art we have hanging on our walls has a lot to say about our lifestyle and our values. So, why haven’t more people done custom framing? It’s human nature;we enjoy doing things that are easy and fun, but avoid doing things that are difficult and/or painful. This is a fragmented industry that uses an antiquated production and distribution system, involving many layers of middlemen, each taking a profit and ratcheting up the price. We eliminated the waste and inefficiencies and made it easy and fun for the consumer. Fancy Art, *NFPs patented racking system allows us to display thousands of frame samples when most shops have only a few hundred. We have a proprietary order management system that makes it easy for the customer to choose and make changes until they get it perfect to their taste and budget; it’s like “Build a Bear Workshop” for grownups. Our hub and spoke business model allows orders to be uploaded via the internet to our production facility where most of the work is done; the frame, the matting and the glass are fabricated and then returned back to the franchisees shop, where the final fitting and delivery is made to the customer. This gives us economies of scale that can’t be beat. By dealing direct with manufacturers, eliminating waste and inefficiencies, we can offer a competitive advantage, as well as the greatest selection and the highest quality. Once the customer discovers that they can create their own personal masterpiece at an affordable price, they want to repeat the experience over and over again In summary, we are talking about an underdeveloped industry with a vast untapped market. It is a high ticket item and with our hub and spoke business model, it is highly scalable. It should also be noted that in this bad economy, if people are going out less, that means that they are entertaining more in their home and they are going to want to have it looking nice when friends and relatives come over. Lastly, this is one industry that will never be taken over by the internet or become a commodity with slim margins. You see, there are thousands of elements and different treatments that can be incorporated in framing. It is a touchy feely thing; people want to be able to see the colors, textures and proportions; changing one element can change the entire personality of the picture.

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