Franchise Fee: $24,995
Royalty: Not applicable – business, not a franchise
Total Investment: $24,995 – $25,000
Founded: 2001
Franchised: 2005
Can Be Home Based: Yes
VetFran Member: No
SBA Approved: No

CreditCRM is a complete and affordable business opportunity created by the Jamison Law Group, one of the nation’s largest credit repair law firms, that is designed to make you a true credit expert. CreditCRM is offered to both businesses and individual entrepreneurs who are looking to start a credit repair businesses, and is often utilized as a supplemental business opportunity for CPA and mortgage professionals. A business-in-a-box opportunity, CreditCRM provides all of the training and systems needed for you to build a successful credit repair business. You will be able to help your clients increase their credit scores an average of 50 points in 90 days in order to get loans approved. CreditCRM completely automates the entire process of sales and credit repair. In less than 30 minutes total per client, you can achieve what used to take over 5 hours when done manually by credit repair companies. Previous experience in the industry is not necessary. Key Differentiators: 1. Market share leader in the Credit Repair industry 2. Only Credit repair software company that is backed by an Attorney 3. Only Company that provides full Training Program (40-50 hours of training) 4. Only business company that provides National Certified Credit Expert Professionals 5. Unlimited Paralegal support 6. Unique software to make investors more efficient in their overall operation and client tracking systems; third party support sources to business owners are available for day–to-day administration activities for their customers – – frees up CreditCRM business owners to obtain new customers 7. Proprietary Web-Based Credit Repair and Client Relationship Management Software system 8. Unique software to make investors more efficient in their overall operation and client tracking systems – routinely provides double the number of monthly customers vs. conventional offerings (business owners averaging 50-80 clients per month – average revenue per client $800 – $1,500); Client restoration cycle to correct their credit score: 4 months (ranges from 140 to 180 days); Average repair performance: 62% can improve score 60 to 80 points 9. Ranked #148 on the INC 500 list (only Credit Repair company) 10. All inclusive marketing support, customized to franchisee’s name 11. Not a franchise; no need to pay Royalties and Ad fees that would impact your monthly net revenue income 12. No territory restrictions; the business owners are able to market their services throughout the entire United States.

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