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As a successful entrepreneur with nearly 40 years experience and the President of Franchise USA, Inc., Steve Schneider has analyzed thousands of franchise businesses, while observing and identifying true wealth building opportunities. To view his professional profile, click here.

  • Understanding Franchise Earnings Claims F.STEVEN SCHNEIDER | FRANCHISE USA, INC.As you might have assumed, “Earning Claims” are assertions made by franchise companies of specific acquired sales levels or profitability levels. Prospective franchisees are often surprised to learn that most franchisors will not say how much money they can expect to make. It’s not that franchisors are legally prohibited from ... Read
  • FIVE KEYS TO SELECTING THE RIGHT FRANCHISE BUSINESS F.STEVEN SCHNEIDER | FRANCHISE USA, INC.Too many novices approach their franchise investment decision in the same way non­professionals choose their share investments or Super Bowl bets — with too little research or concrete information and too much emotion and reliance on tips and hearsay. The key to a successful result is to match your skills ... Read
  • FUNDING SOURCES F.STEVEN SCHNEIDER | FRANCHISE USA, INC.While the most common forms of standard financing are bank loans and/or commercial leases, there are also a number of companies that assist people in accessing retirement dollars in IRA or 401(k) accounts, without early withdrawal penalties, to use as a funding source for a franchise business. Read
  • QUESTIONS TO ASK FRANCHISE COMPANIES F.STEVEN SCHNEIDER | FRANCHISE USA, INC.The following questions are perhaps some of the most important to be asked by someone thinking of buying a franchise business: How much total investment will this franchise require? In your calls to existing franchisees, and your research concerning your local market, make sure to narrow down these answers. How ... Read