Price Your Business to Sell

Imagine it: your business, thriving under new ownership, fueling an entrepreneur’s dream. That’s the potential you hold. But in today’s market, with SBA loan rates at a hefty 11.5%, unrealistic pricing can turn that dream into a debt nightmare for potential buyers.

Here’s the harsh truth: individual buyers, the engine of smaller business acquisitions, prioritize replacing their income, not building empires. They seek businesses priced for reality, not fantasy. For them, crunching the numbers is crucial. They need to know: after financing, will your business leave them enough cash to live on?

Remember, a price tag aligned with actual cash flow does more than attract buyers; it attracts the right buyers. Those who are serious, prepared, and ready to make your business their success story.

┬áSo, don’t let unrealistic pricing be the roadblock to your business’s next chapter. Embrace the buyer’s reality, price strategically, and watch your ideal buyer walk through the door, ready to turn your dream into theirs.