Free Consulting Services


My services are free to you.

The business investment will be exactly the same, whether you work with me or go directly to the franchisor. You will not save any money by going directly to the franchisor. Most importantly, you will not have the advantage of leveraging the inside knowledge of a free consultant.

Gain an insider’s perspective.

There are many, many franchises in existence. Some are good, some are not, and without guidance, identifying the ideal opportunity can be extremely challenging. With over four decades of experience in business acquisitions and the strength of the IFPG system, I can most often find two to five franchises that match what people are looking for in a business.  I don’t just provide company names and disappear, though! I work with you throughout the discovery process.

Speed the discovery process.

I do the homework for you so that you don’t waste energy investigating franchises that do not fit what you are looking for in a business or that you are not qualified to purchase. I find the best companies for you to investigate and then assist throughout the remainder of the process.

Consider only fitting options.

Over 500 franchises have already been screened for you. I have identified the best ones. I already know the initial investment required, the net worth you must have to qualify, whether it can be a home based business or not, whether the market in your area is still available, what states the companies are registered in to be able to sell franchises, how long they have been franchising, what kind of candidates they are looking for and much, much more. Don’t waste your time when I can help you focus your search to companies that are best suited for your requirements.

Facilitate your investigation.

Another way I work to save you time, money and unnecessary aggravation is to share what franchisors see as the essential attributes of a prospective franchisee, how to get the information you are looking for, what questions to ask the franchisor and their franchisees, and much more.

Have the answers you need.
Many resources are at my disposal which can assist you through the process and during your franchise negotiations (including access to 3rd party funding options, franchise lawyers, franchise earnings claims, and industry resources).